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This is my idea on how to market with the help of social media.

My idea for marketing cheaply is fairly simple. My idea is to make good use of the social media such as Youtube, facebook and other similiar sites. The reason my marketing idea would work is because most people these days are part of some form of social media, thus they are easy to reach. The target group for my idea is pretty much everyone that can be part of social media. My idea is easy to use at any point of time and it's good to start marketing through social media early so the word spreads around as soon as possible. The best place to start the marketing would probably be Facebook because it has such a large community in which word goes around. Another good site that might be worth a chance is Youtube. Making videos is fairly simple with the tools you are provided these days. If you manage to make a good, inspiring marketing video, it might work as a good marketing act. You could also link the Youtube video to the Facebook marketing, making it even more efficent. It might also be worth giving some kind of incentive which is told about in the social media pages that have been used for the marketing. For example give people who provide good ideas that can be used some sort of reward. You could give some sort of small physical prizes, compensation in money or give the site a wall of fame where people with most useful or used ideas are shown. Humans are very competitive beings thus having some sort of ratings one can affect with good work might be effective.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Marketing through social media.

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(11 Feb 2011)
This is good idea. Marketing in facebook and in youtube connect many people. Especially young people use these social medias more than ones. So everyone.. go to facebook and join the
(10 Feb 2011)
Marketing through social media is always a good idea! and i havent seen in facebook etc... yes yes good idea.
(10 Feb 2011)
Ideasi on hyvä. Tätä ideaa itsekin ajattelin ehdottaa, mutta olit ehtinyt ensin. :) Sosiaalinen media nykypäivänä on todella toimiva väline mainostamiseen. Sen avulla on mahdollisuus saada asia ihmisten tietoisuuteen ympäri maailman. Esim. Facebookissa olevat henkilöt voivat asiasta innostuneina kertoa siitä eteenpäin ja näin saada taas uusia ihmisiä käyttämään palvelua.