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Earning money through recycling: The “Magic Dustbin” connects environmental and social issues.

As environmental pollution is a severe topic in India, the “Magic Dustbin” looks at the threat from another angle. Building on the give-and-take-basis, the idea puts personal interests in the middle: By recycling correctly, people can earn money and therefore enhance their economic situation.

The idea focuses on improving the waste situation in rural India, enhancing hygienic conditions and raising people’s wealth.

Today’s challenge is that people in rural India do not bother much about recycling topics. Waste is disposed of anywhere and anytime which worsens the hygienic situation on one hand and pollutes the environment on the other.

The vision is to bring the need for recycling to the people’s awareness. By getting them to engage in waste matters, they not only improve the life standards in their home places as well as they reduce the environmental impact, but they also enhance their social level by earning money through their actions.

The idea is to develop a machine that functions as a waste collection place. It is carried out in futuristic, exhilarating and colourful design in order to attract attention and drawing the people’s mind to waste and recycling matters. Through innovative design, waste is set into a new light. The “Intelligent Dustbin” is to bring the people to carry their garbage. There are several specially designed boxes – one for plastic, one for glass etc. The innovation is that people get money for recycling the waste. Depending on the amount of garbage, they receive a certain reward for correctly sorted litter.

The “Magic Dustbin” connects environmental and social issues. People will have a personal interest in waste management as they find a possibility to enhance their own economic situation. Simultaneously or as a side effect, they save the environment.

The target group of “Magic Dustbin” mainly are the poorer classes of whole India. However, the idea should be addressed to everyone, no matter if rich or poor, as environment affects everyone.

The idea has a middle term perspective and may be established within three years, after having undergone an intensive research and development phase.

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Your idea/solution in one sentence: The “Magic Dustbin” connects environmental and social issues.

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Interesting idea. The challenge will be in marketing the funtion to it's future users. Media is not able to reach all of the target group. Rewarding system propaply leads to break-through, since good news about reward will travel fast face to face. Since all natural resources are limited, larger companies might invest to building these "magical dustbins" simply for acquiring raw material for reproduction and for profit.