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When a wallet/purse/cell phone is stolen they need to be closed down, order new ones and make sure a million things.

When a wallet is stolen people have to call a hundred places to close all cards, IDs, mobile phone and such. It would make people's lifes so much easier if the ordering and closing could all be made with one phone call.

I think it's a pity that it has been made so hard for people to have to call and visit a hundred places when their wallet/purse is stolen. They already feel really bad when they've been robbed and immediately they have to start calling places. I think it would be great if with one phone call it would be possible to close all credit cards, mobile phone operators, id, passport and such. With the phone call people could also order new ones and everything would be ready.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Closing and ordering new documents when the old ones are stolen with one phone call.

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