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Tutu-VJL: Water Shortages

Wastewater, water squeezed out of waste inside refuse dumps will fill your bottles.

Substances inside waste material will become the major raw material. Soon the waste going to landfills will be squeezed totally dry from water and from that water valuable chemicals can be extracted for refinining. The compression for freeing the water can be conducted energy efficiently by using gravity.

Innovative processes and technologies will take part on soluting the water scarcity and the sustainable use of materials. Zero emission processes will be reached easiest by taking use of the material that is allready produced. There is no mind in refining and adjusting the production processes if the same material desired to produce is already existing aroud every urban area, in landfills. Business in the field of environmental technology is growing rapidly and supports the progress towards zero emission processes.

The water will be more and more valuable. Since in the future there will be solarpower, endless amounts of energy stored in the sea by sun to harvest, even fusion nuclear power instead of Fission nuclear power... the energy will no longer be an issue, -The water will be.

In the future technologies will be about energy efficient water purification and reuse, recovery of valuable compounds from waste and side streams and new waste recycling processes. Minerals dissolved in waste water will be extracted and demand for mining decrease. Membrane technology, separative chemical processes and pipeline infrastructure will be the future winning technologies.

The areas we classify as developing countries in present, clean water will be ordinary thing. Local food production will be facilitated.

Finally taking water out of waste leads to increased quality of human life everywhere.

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VTT:Green Solutions for Water and Waste:

Opportunity: cheap energy saving water and recycled material

Threat: The wastematerial itself will become rare just when the infrastrucre is founded.

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