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Future of chemical industry in Finland

I am going to graduate as a chemical engineer in the near future. I have done my practical training in chemical plants and that have lead my thoughts into the future of chemical industry in Finland.

In my vision Finland is famous for innovating new methods for chemical industry. There is still need for new innovations to make processes more economical and more friendly for the environment.

Chemical industry is often very energy demanding and processes are difficult to optimize. Especially optimizing chemical reactions is very challenging task where expertise is needed. In my opinion young engineers and engineering students in Finland are the right people to develop those new methods.

Although heavy industry will probably keep on moving out from Finland, at least in some scale, it doesn’t mean that we can not sell our expertise to foreign countries. Nowadays internet has made real time communication easy even if people who are communicating are on the different sides of the planet. This makes possible to consult a customer from an office in Finland although the problem would be in China. This is something we need to learn to use as our advantage.

And furthermore there are new rising branches in chemical industry that do not need old style large plants. On the other hand these require more professional skills and knowledge. Biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, new materials… you name it. Those are the new fields for chemical engineer to shine. On these fields production facilities are not so much about how big they are but more about how you use them.

In short my vision is that in next 10 to 20 years Finland is going to be the home for the superstars of innovations.

Opportunity: Creating new jobs for finnish engineers

Threat: Finnish engineers go working abroad

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