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Create new approaches to differentiate professional information security services

Find new approaches for marketing information security services. The goal is to differentiate the services from the similar services of the competitors. "Blue ocean strategy" The idea is to find new ways to present the services such as auditing to the customers.

1.) The insight: all information security service providers seem to market their services with the same kinds of arguments and service portfolios and marketing strategies. The way to compete against these companies might lay in the blue ocean strategy. It's maybe possible to sell the same stuff in a different package with a different flavor. It's also possible that the exact needs of the customers have not been heard and understood well enough. It seems that consultants who are able to understand customer's business needs find themselves employed no matter what their marketing portfolio is. Perhaps the security services field's service portfolio is mostly sales rubbish? IT may hold true that the outlandish daily fee rates of auditors and such may be justified by their habitus and deliverable reports that come with a silver lining. Another observation is that customers have seldom dismissed ready-made service portfolios and chosen a custom-tailored service instead. Yet, it seems the customers like to see some pre-defined service "products" that make the starting of sales discussion easier. Might it be that productization of services could simply be a sales trick that allows the design of customer specific services and projects?

2.) All competitors seem all too similar with regards to their marketing approach and service portfolio

3.) Any company who buys professional information security services

4.) The insight is topical now and in the near future

5.) At least domestically but seems also to apply in all western countries I've visited

Any sparring and input is appreciated.



Research question: How to differentiate the professional information security services from the path of competition

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(16 Mar 2011)
You've presented a difficult challenge. I have no experience on this particular field but I agree on the fact that the ability to meet customer needs is especially essential in the security sector.

Security and safety are closely related to psychology as the customer's personal perceptions play a significant role in making decissions on security services and products. In order to be able to pick up the customer's deeper motivators, find out their actual needs and - to be able to offer the right service/product solution for a particular customer, the salesperson has to know him on (at least) some degree of personal level.

I suppose consulting is generally a part of security sales. Maybe one solution could be found in adding more confidential and personal level consulting that allows team building between the customer and the salesperson at the very beginning of the service chain? This would aim at understanding the customer's fears and worries and especially what causes these worries