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Idea for graphical operating userface and independent content linking system!

This idea comes from multiple users who are interested in seeing their content in relation with other contents by means of graphics. This could be combined to linking program that finds similar contents and links them together.

Idea is quite simple; since as a user I feel concern about the contents I have created (and others too). The linking of the contents to other contents is very essential. If contents about same matter of subject exist without contact to any other contents, the basic idea of mass-idea suffers. Now only a writer of the content can now link the article to other contents.

This idea is allocated for development team and finally the target is everyone who is using

It would be great if the linking of the contents would be easier (possibility to link other than just own contents)or would be performed by functions.
Finally the "mass of the ideas" could be observed as graphic. This graphic could be visualisation of the clouds we know as "the tag -cloud". The keywords would form a nice continuum. The researcher of massidea could easily see the volumes behind certain topics and writer could easily see relations and find other aspects to contents matter.

Please, see the scheme attatched for further illustration for this idea.


Idea development user Henri404

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Graphics to visualize the mass certain subject of contents and their relations in

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This site could inhibit some more interesting and innovating ways to collect and promote good ideas. It could incorporate more graphical interfaces to the idea postings, more possibilities to follow interactions, more involvement from outside organizations (not just AMKs) and a better future for the ideas.

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Comments already recommends content through tags/keywords the users define to their content.

However, I really like your idea of a tag-cloud. It would be a good and highly visual way to see relative keywords and find interesting and similar content.
Yes, Satu you are quite right about the tags, but if there is something outside the cloud someone is interested in... If a person searches "example" and gets a list of contents but not any information of their relations to eatch other, it's a load of work to read them all. It would be great if user would visually see the links between contents. (also commenting is invisibe. When comment is written, =ideas starts some action, nobody will get any information about the comment, maby lots of comments=bigger visualization)

o'boy! If I only knew how to program!
These are great ideas. I like the tag cloud as well as showing the connection as a "map".

When one is left to search articles only on his own without the impuls of other people actually making different kinds of connections, the individual will never develop or change the thinking.
Sorry, I mean graphics to visualise!