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Religios studies vs Philosophy

Today at schools children have to learn about religion, but who will teach them manners and thinking if their parents fail? My suggestion is to replace the religios studies with philosophy and ethics or making people choose between them.

Why oh why, if we have freedom of religion, we are born into one before we even get to choose ourselves? I think person has a freedom of choice on this matter and an infant can’t really make that choice. Then when you enter school, you have to study religion, when it should be compulsory. Not to mention to pay for church for that when one enters working life!

Knowing bible and history and ways of church is in no way needed in the world nowdays. Church has some nice ideas like 10 commandments and educational stories, but it’s in no way anything that one can’t figure out himself given the right education.

If people were taught philosophy and ethics in schools, that would make the same thing. Only we would have more thoughtful and thinking people instead of all that religious jargon that really does no good apart from brainwashing.

The society itself nowdays brainwashes people with all the information that's everywhere (specially media) and the way how hectic things are, there's rarely any chance for some creative thinking either. It would be really good for youngsters development to get to use their brains every once in a while and do some mental growing.

I think people should make the choice themselves, should they choose religion or philosophy if nothing else. It is also very usefull to have thinking people in the world nowdays instead of all these selfish people who only care about their own profit and do not think how their actions affect their surroundings. There’s also the matter of manners to be considered which have gone down the drain lately.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: People studying philosophy in basic school

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(10 Mar 2011)
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