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Utilizing Case: Intercultural Approach to Service Field

Assignments, courses and projects done in educational institutions can go beyond organisational ‎and regional boundaries if organisers and participants are willing to utilize the latest tools and methods. ‎This provides better opportunities for networking and builds capabilities for collaboration. as an educational tool is a more interactive media for students to do their assignments and teachers to carry out ‎and manage courses and projects. has several features to accommodate the requirements and needs of all types of courses. ‎Especially but not limited to courses related to/involving innovation techniques, content production, communication ‎and brain storming between different networks.

The benefits of implementating the service allows assignments to ‎become more than mere course performances subjected only to the teacher’s evaluation. Assignments ‎submitted to are visible to parties beyond course and even university boundaries and can ‎therefore receive comments, feedback and suggestions from all over the world. This way students and teachers alike are able to receive more versatile feedback and help for different activities done during the course. Both parties can also form new networks and get new ideas which can be used in future studies or in other aspects of educational or professional paths.

Users can use this chain of activities as a part of their personal portfolio to exemplify not only the content of and the effort done during their studies but also the organisational boundary breaking collaboration experiences.

How can it be done?

The number of courses, projects and other activies where has been implemented is growing. This article has an attachement which features a case example of a course where was implemented.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Using can take UAS activities beyond organisational and regional boundaries

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