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Say NO to phone bills !

I am fed up with paying the monthly phone bill and getting it down is a big hustle. They don't give a better offer until i threaten to take my number to another service provider.

And also at the same time big mobile companies are trying to find ways to block the usage of VoIP services so people could not use Skype over the internet with smartphones.

It is a big tendency to have free services which incorporate some commercials and people if reluctant to these can pay some amount of money for the advertisement-free option.

It can be used also for calling with mobile phones - for example if i call you then i listen to advertisement until you pick up the phone.

This would be also quite effective way to advertise because people have to listen until the person they are calling picks up the phone.

I would use this service so i would not have to care about the phone bill.

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Your idea/solution in one sentence: Sell commercial to phone conversation to provide free calling.

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(06 Apr 2011)
Well developing a business plan on this idea in Massidea is kinda funny without any actual knowledge about the possibilities in the field. Perhaps you could incorporate google ads in the phone call, when you call a certain company you would listen to related adds. I really can not imagine the ammount of commercial to be sold to make this idea work but i would be glad to get rid of the need to think about the phone bill and the time you wait for someone to pick up the phone is empty anyway.
It is not developing a business plan but developing an idea what massidea is for, right?

I know that phone bills are annoying (what bills are not) and the waiting time to answer the phone call is empty. I also see your idea good as I said before, I would not otherwise spend the time to think about it :).

What I am after here is to point out why there could be trouble later when actually trying to implement it.
(07 Apr 2011)
:D nicely pointed out the difference between developing an idea and developing a business plan.

But when developing an idea there should be no troubles seen because too early critique will kill any freedom to think out of boundaries.

The troubles occurring later while implementing should be addressed then and up on those occurred setbacks its decided if the idea or project is iteration/go/freeze/kill worthy. And iteration is on of the most important things too.

From our course book "Ideasta Innovaatioksi" there is a list of 9 things that set back idea development: fear, assumptions, information (lack of adequate inf.), customs and habits, laziness, side-office syndrome, lack or over compensation, time (Einstein had 24h in a day too), management.

So in this case i would like to point out assumptions and information as the bottle necks for this idea development.

There for i encourage to ask obvious questions to widen the view. Like is there any future for mobile phone?
And to the problematic of the future potential of a mobile phone... I believe that the concenpt will survive for some time. It depends in what time frame we would be talking.
Now I actually got an idea! should the future development in the distance communication be telepathy? I am thinking this person with the ID number this and this should come for a coffee to the school cafeteria.

Or we could be sending feelings through small electric impulses. (By the way, I am not sure how far the guy is, but there is some Japanese scientist that is trying to develop something like that. It was not possible for long distances though and it looked like a cap for bran activity not very wearable.)
Henri is a diplomat! :) Well, in that case I would have to ask if there is a future for addvertising as we know it.

I would personaly limit commercials to certain "space" and visit it only when I know I need some certain product but I am not sure about the available brands.

The wild world of the addvertising is in my opinion causing the untamed large consumption and connected problems of overshot production and ever growing mountains of waste.
(11 Apr 2011)
I agree about the vastness of the consumtpion and pollution caused by (un)direct advertising. But wouldn't it be a nice effort if we could push all the junkmail you get to your mailbox to electronic information channels (eg. phonecalls). We would save thousands of tons of paper.
Lets play that average commercial is 20 seconds, than one person would listen to 5 adds a month. Would there be actuallly some filter or targeting of commercials based on the gender etc.? Then it would sort of destroy the idea of addvertising, wouldn't it?
(01 Apr 2011)
I believe that mobile service providers hold a vast amount of statistics about the average time someone picks up the phone or how long some one talks or who they call. From these it would be possible to calculate how much commercial should be enough to market this idea profitably. Perhaps it is just 100 seconds per month per person and rest of the time you can call anywhere or anybody without listening to the commercials before the one you are calling picks up the phone.
it sounds great. But how would you make sure that all the commercials have been heard. I as a company can make sure for example in TV, radio etc. that the time I pay for the commercial is used and the add is shown. I would not like to pay huge money and then just guess if the person answered the phone too early.
(29 Mar 2011)
ok, phone bills be replaced by advert and companies in need of advert pays the bills indirectly. if that accepted by both companies it can be a permanent replace for seasonal free call to same network numbers. what about text msgs and also phone with Wlan can make Voip call thru access point. will the future completely elimate use of network providers and replace with wlan thru access points worldwide.