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Breast Cancer - and problematic diagnostic methods

The risk of breast cancer in young female patients and in male patients is increasing. Cancer is no longer a disease connected with high age. This development should put new pressure on the updating existing diagnostic methods as well as new communication of the connected risks.

Regular mammography checkups are scheduled for the main breast cancer risk group, i.e. for women that reached certain age. However, breast cancer today is not any more exclusively a problem of older women. More and more often breast cancer is diagnosed also in young female patients as well as in males. There of course, are instructions how and how often every woman should examine herself. However, I am afraid these instructions are not followed always that strictly, especially by the mentioned groups. Furthermore, the breast tissue structure in young age is quite versatile; it changes during the month due to changing hormonal levels and is overall challenging to be examined properly without previous experience.

The above mentioned problems are the main reasons why often in young female patients and in male patients breast cancer is diagnosed in the later progressed stages. The final problem in the row is the denial phase of course. If a foreign structure is identified, the patient still can deny a cancer tumor. People do know the existing risk, but can never imagine they personally would need to face this very shocking situation in real life.


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Research question: How to make the diagnostics of breast cancer more efficient?

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A simple silicone breast model at doctor’s offices to gain experience with breast cancer lump identification.

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