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“Green” optical storage medium

Optical storage media currently widely used are petroleum polymers based products. A new Eco-innovation project studies the possibility to produce optical storage media based on biopolymers.

Dr.Dirk Fuhrmann from kdg mediatech AG, Austria with cooperation of German Bioplastic GmbH is planning to launch first successful green optical storage device. The plan is that the current petroleum based industry standardized polycarbonate will be replaced by environmentally compatible polyactide (PLA).

PLA is a biodegradable polymer produced from the European sugar beets overproduction. The current products do not fulfill the requirements for heat stability; however this problem should be solved by German Bioplastic GmbH leading to production of more thermally resistant product.

This biodegradable alternative to polycarbonate storage discs would reduce the carbon dioxide generation by up to 43% and would also reduce the biowaste and waste generation.


Fuhrmann, D. 2010. A green optical starage medium for a greener Europe (PLA OPTICAL DISC). Available at:

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Replacing petroleum polymers with biopolymers.

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