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Mortar from waste

Turning waste material into raw material is one of the greatest booms in waste management and waste reduction. New products produced by waste utilization can be used for example as construction material.

Diego Mingarelli, DIASEN SRL, Italy has an ongoing project in production of Eco Alternative Mortar Thermic since 2009. The main aim of the project is the optimization and production of new mortar for construction purposes. The production is based on the utilization of waste material such as pumice stone, waste from the fiberglass reinforced plastic and from recycled glass.

The new mortar product will have improved acoustic and thermal insulation capacity and could be used in for residential construction.

This Eco-innovation will improve the cooperation with the recycling oriented plants. By turning waste into a raw material the industrial waste would be significantly reduced.

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Mingarelli, D. 2009. ECO ALTERNATIVE MORTAR THERMIC. Available at:

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Utilizing waste material to produce new binding material.

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Yet another option to use ash waste as a raw material. Oil shale ash can be used as replacement of cement in classical concrete. This way the carbon dioxide emissions, energy demand and waste are reduced.

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