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Waterfriendly future for cleaning

Here's some ideas and thoughts about how to make hotelcleaning more ecofriendly without raising costs.

I want to concentrate in one subject that this whole problem includes: washing costs/saving water. Like I've said before I think hotels wash huge amounts of unnessesary laundry: towels and sheets which has been used one time.

While I was surfing at Scandic hotels homepage, I noticed that they use a protocol that urges you to pick up your towel from the floor and put it back in the stand nicely, so that the cleaninglady wouldn't wash it. I think that this is a very good idea to increase the washing costs and thereby saving nature. They also use automatic showers at Scandic, they turn off after a certain time period. Also toilets have a choice between flushing with a "big drop or small drop", I think many of you to have a toilet like that at home. I was surprised about the fact that when a waterglass gets left at the table at a restaurant at Scandic, the staff will poor it on plants. They don't waste a drop!

It would be good that smaller hotels would follow Scandic footsteps in making these kinds of changes. By increasing washing you save money and that same money can be spent on ecofriendly fluids that might be more expensive. The laundry is clean even though you choose the shorter programme and lower degree on the water, I know because I've tried.

I don't have so many new ideas, because I think all we need to save water is allready here but not everybody has taken the chance to actually do something. Maybe installing the automatic watertaps are expensive but is saves double the amount of money by increasing waterconsumption.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Save water = Save money

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(10 Apr 2011)
Nice Idea you have here. Especially noticing good ideas from the Scandic. It would really make good results if all the smaller hotels used this kind of ideas in their hotels too. Let's hope for the better decisions also from the smaller hotels in the future.
I totally agree with you, wasting water is throwing money away! More and more hotels should pay attention to this.