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Introducing as a multicultural virtual learning environment for information and communication technology (ICT) studies grounded on open source and developed in multiple locations, offers many learning possibilities for ICT studies. Students can take multiple roles which are grounded to fit ICT curriculum requirements. Transparent process helps students to promote publically their capabilities when applying jobs.

What is the idea? is a free of charge open innovation community where people can share their ideas, discuss today's challenges and visions of the future. It brings together complimentary insights and boosts creativity by intelligently connecting people and their insights. In, public, private and educational sector organizations and individual users and citizens can collaborate with the wide and global range of masses of people.

Technologically is grounded on open source solution and it is offering a good virtual learning environment for information and communication technology (ICT) studies. The purpose of virtual learning environment is to carry out an identifiable and meaningful work based task, which fits within the ICT student’s typical curriculum.

During the virtual learning period students become an active team member of a development team. Team is following a distributed development process in which development is carried out in multiple locations, while working collaboratively and virtually towards improved version of the open source platform.

To define as a virtual learning environment for ICT studies, a group of job profiles including project manager, product manager, system designer, software developer, web developer, test engineer and system administrator have been defined. These job profiles were grounded to full fill and fit with the typical ICT student’s curriculum requirements and outcome capabilities. One or multiple role can be taken when participating in development activities.

Why idea might work?
Due to nature of distributed open source development environment, provides fully transparent learning environment for ICT studies. Basically every development step students take, including communication with multicultural team members, functional definition documentation, coding and testing are recorded throughout version control system, group-chat environment and wiki based document library.

These processes and tools provide good opportunities to other evaluate how active and what kind of progress students are having during their development tasks. Since the final outcome is published as open source code, also the details and quality of the conducted work is also visible. This enables students to promote publically their capabilities e.g. in recruitment processes and prove their skills.

Who is idea aimed for?
This idea should interest especially the ICT students who are interested to learn 1) how become a member of multicultural virtual development team and communicate via different tools with other developer all over the world, 2) how to follow distributed coding process with help web based of version controlling system, 3) how to use PHP, CakePHP framework, MySQL, Object-Oriented-Programming (OOP), Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architecture, Javascript, jQuery, XHTML, CSS and external APIs from other platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Where idea can be used?
This idea can be used in all universities and technical institutes which are providing ICT studies. Depending on the flexibility of the curriculum, development tasks can replace fully or partially some of the ordinary courses. Many universities are also offering project studies, in which can be used as a one option. Some students are conducing internship studies, in which they typically participate from 2 to 6 months in a one working environment such as Finally, environment offers also many opportunities for bachelor and master thesis.

When idea can be used?
Since the development environment is rather complex, some basic skills are good to have, before joining the team. It is recommended that student after first or second year takes a part of development activities, after they have learned some basic ICT skills (e.g. Object-Oriented-Programming and SQL).

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(22 Jun 2011)
The project supplies a good base for students to practice and work in multicultural teams.. The only challange is that this is a new implementation and students should be lead well at least in the beginning by the project managers and teachers. Once the new implementation proves itself in a few years the rest will be easier.
it povides transparent learning environment......where you get to explore your ideas as well as that of others.....
(01 Jun 2011)
An oppurtunity to learn and explore.

the problem with virtual learning lack of awareness & intrest understanding this program like other online programs.
a great way to learn globally and apply ur skills to innovate.
as the smallest of ideas can bring the biggest of changes .

the only problem seems to be the lack of popularity. definitely hope it'll catch up soon!!
(09 Apr 2011)
An oppurtunity to explore yourself,to learn things & to get an idea of working in a professional environment..
(09 Apr 2011)
the students are not joining the development team as they don't know the depth of this project..
(09 Apr 2011)
Joining development team will give me an opportunity to learn and become a contributor to open source world.Because in my opinion , the world is switching over to open source thus there exists a lot of scope for development in this field.

I think massidea is not yet spread that far in terms of popularity,and a help tab should be added in the homepage itself containing some of the FAQs which would normally pop up in a beginners mind.

(09 Apr 2011)
I think this virtual learning environment has good potential which may help us to exploit best in us..
(09 Apr 2011) is a great platform to work in a professional environment and develop the coding skills and the best part is you dont have to go anywhere ,you just need to login from your home and get going!!!
(09 Apr 2011)
perfect way to learning for a student .../
(09 Apr 2011)
After reading the idea, answer following question by giving your comments here.

1) What are the reasons why you want to join the development team?

2) In your opinion, at the moment what are the weak points of our virtual learning model (i.e. what issues makes students not to join our development team)?

3) Comment also other users comments and try come up new ideas, how we could get even more students to join in.

Your comments are valuable, since we are using them to better understand what kind of things are attracting students at development and what issues are turning them down.