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Responsible development for hotel cleaning

Using foreign workers and companies can be used responsible in hotel cleaning business.

According to article in Suomen Kuvalehti (22.2.2011, Pesula-ala: Huono kilpailutus on terveysriski) it looks like offshoring is spreading also to the hotel business, which I think is a bit alarming. We can't control the quality of some Estonian cleaning company!

I think using foreign cleaning companies wouldn't be such a bad idea, but those companies must operate in Finland. For example our apartment house is cleaned by some Indian cleaning company and I think they have done very good job every time. Some people probably think that it would steal positions from finnish workers but I think that finnish people rather lay at home and get money from government than work in low-pay positions.

I think foreign people are more motivated to work on such industries. And of course we wouldn't take an advantage of foreign workers, we would pay them decent salary according the regulations. The quality of the work would be also easy to control. Sokos Hotels' has a system were they make regular checkups to the rooms and then they give a average grade and also point out possible faults. I think this kind of system could be used nationwide. Or let say it would be volunteer for hotels, but if you join the system you get some kind of certification, like swan label in food products. The system would give benefits for both customers and hotels. Customers would be aware of the fact that the hotel is acting responsibly. And when the hotel gains a reputation of responsible company it would upgrade their brand and increase the number of customers.

Research question: How to improve hotel cleaning system responsible?

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