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Tourism in Tampere

Even though Tampere is quite a versatile Nordic tourism destination there are some matters that could be improved.

One big problem for the tourism in Tampere is the appearance of the terminal in the Pirkkala airport. The first impression a tourist gets when coming to Tampere by plane is not very positive – the terminal is not decorated in a decent way at all and also the service there, e.g. the conveyor belt for the luggage is not of a high level. It would be profitable for Tampere to make an effort and renovate the terminal to be more attractive. After all it is the first thing many tourists see of Finland and Tampere.

For tourists it might be difficult to find their way around the city. The maps in the brochures of Go Tampere are not very good and only show the small city centre area, leaving many attractions outside the map. Another problem is that there is only one tourism information office in the whole of Tampere. Having another one tourism information office on the other side of the centre, maybe around Pyynikintori or Sokos, would make it easier for the tourists to get the information they need without needing to go all the way back to the railway station.

Also bus transport is not so easy to use if one doesn't speak Finnish. On the bus stops there are sometimes maps but even so it is hard to know which bus to take to get for example to Pyynikki Observation tower from the centre. The bus drivers don't necessarily speak English, making it difficult to ask if one is wondering whether they are taking the right bus or not. Also the timetables of the buses are in Finnish only. Another thing to make the transport easier for tourists would be announcements on the buses. Now there are the notice boards in most of the buses but very often they are not working.

Tampere is a growing city and it attracts more and more tourists all the time. We have a lot of museums, theaters etc. Still we are missing happenings for the young travelers. Tampere should be advertised more for young people and it should be shown that there is a lot to offer to them as well. Scandinavia, including Finland is becoming a more and more popular Inter Rail destination, and we have a lot of international students. Especially in the summer you can see many young people from other cultures walking around in the city.

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