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Tampere from a tourist point of view

Tampere is the industrial hub of Finland. It was founded as a market place on the banks of the Tammerkoski.

1.Even though Tampere is an average big city and many tourists visit it but still there are not so many options in direct flights to Tampere only Air Blue and Ryan Air and Finn Air are the major airlines operating here.
2.Without reservation on arrival accommodation can be very expensive or even not available in some cases
3.There is only one hostel which is Sofia
4.There are no telephone booths or (PCO) public call offices
5.Sign boards are only in Finnish also they are not so much visible to distinguish
6.There is no metro service instead one has to always depend on buses or taxis
7.There are no under passes so that one can avoid city traffic and move smoothly in the city
8.There are no rent a bikes or motor bikes
9.No public latrines facility
10.very few free car parking and also coins problem if one does not have any at the moment
11.payments by cheques is not acceptable in most of the cases
12.No sign boards of Ryan air at the bus stations or railway station
13.ATM machines only in Finnish
14.No visible signs of rent a car
15.Hospital and Red cross sign boards are quite similar
16.Alcohol tax next year which will further affect the leisure industry and in some cases the tourists as well
17.Tourist office is not so visible
18.Foot paths and cyclist roots are quite congested
19.No availability of tourist guides
20.language barrier and Finnish shyness while communicating
21.No visible signs for mosques or Muslim prayers
22.No halal- food restaurants or kosher products for Jews
23.For tourists it is hard to get a fishing license just for few days
24.No disposable cameras
25.Bus stopping problems and guide lines if you don’t wave or while walking
26.New developments happening in the Finnish tourism sector and culture should also be marketed
27.Only one or two tour operators mostly travel agencies
28.Only few of the hotels have swimming halls, indoor games or not at all especially tennis courts
29.No 5 star hotels
30.only two money exchanges one is Forex in hämeenkatu and one in stockman but this facility is not available at the hotels when the banks and other exchange companies are close
31.Most of the hotels do not provide your own cooking facility

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