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A world without talking is possible

In the future, humans will communicate reading their minds through the use of mind readers

Mind reading could not be science fiction anymore. In fact, there is a big chance that we would see mind readers on the market sooner than later.

Everyone knows the story of Stephen Hawking. He is a successful and recognized physicist all over the world despite his lateral sclerosis, which has left him almost completely paralysed. He can barely move and he cannot talk: he has been in a wheelchair since 1974 and he uses a voice synthesizer that reproduces what he has typed into his small computer.

In the past few years, many ideas and innovations that can help people suffering from motor disabilities to communicate with others have been discovered. Researchers are working hard to find an affordable, convenient solution for all those who suffer communication impairments, from eye tracking systems to electro-encephalogram based devices that interpret brain waves. These solutions are often expensive and uncomfortable for the users. However, nowadays many different industries are showing interest in these technologies (e. g.: eye tracking techniques are starting to be used in some companies for marketing research purposes), which will cause a decrease in the price of these devices. A technology that was made for helping handicapped people could be introduced in the general market. Humans will not need to speak neither write any longer; small machines able to read your brain will type your thoughts into a screen or reproduce them trough synthesizers.

It is a fact that technology is progressing by leaps and bounds, and there will be a day in which humanity will communicate through mind readers.


Opportunity: People suffering from motor disabilities would afford devices to communicate with others

Threat: Use mind reading and keep privacy at the same time will be a problem difficult to solve

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