Pirkanmaa housing in 2030

This vision is based on the results of “Tulevaisuus verstas: Pirkanmaan energiatulevaisuus 2030” workshop, which was kept at Tampere University of Applied Sciences on April 5. 2011. The target of the workshop was to discuss the energy future of Pirkanmaa region in Finland.

In the attached document you can see the description of a small family house. The house is planned to be self-sufficient in the terms of energy production. Inevitably other than energy factors were included in order to create logical connections and sustainably feasible closed loop actions.

Main features pointed out were:
• Energy production
o Solar power heated water tank
o Solar panels on the roof
o Solar panels on the facade
o Biogas reactor producing methane for cooking and heating
o Wind power generator
o Snow storage for cooling purposes
o Heat pump
• Structural properties of the house
o Round houses to support good insulation properties
o Good insulation
o Good air circulation inside the structure
o Windows with adjustable transparency correcting the amount of light and heat coming inside
o Green facades for better insulation (+food production)
o Construction material made by utilizing waste – concrete, mortar, etc.

Opportunity: sustainable low energy housing

Threat: lowered comfort (compared to todays living) in order to be able to cover demand

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