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Multiculturalism has failed- are we too racist?

Europe is becoming more and more aware of its own borders and sees a need in protecting its people from immigrants from the poorer continent. A statement like that should make us really think about those who for certain circumstances cannot live in their country.

Multiculturalism can only exist if there live representatives of various cultures together in one county. Unfortunately the european politics have taken the direction toward stopping immigration, or, in the case of France and Hungary, paying people to leave the country. More and more states try to get rd of immigrants with the aim to become a "pure nation" with values based on one nation's ideology.

There is a big difference between integration and assimilation and the question is, whether Europe is not promoting assimilation instead of integration. It is a matter of institutional and cultural racism that tries to keep countries "clean" by wanting immigrants, as far as they are accepted at all, to take over the language and culture of the receiving country.

Research question: Do we not lose our naturally needed diversity by creating "pure nations"?

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