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Foreign students and projected labour force in Finland in the next decade

Graduates with professional qualification may not get work opportunities or job offers in the labour market due to factors such as incomprehensibility of the language by most foreign students.

With growing ageing population and with reducing population within the working labour force, vacancies which may be available in the next decade may not get filled because there might not be enough persons or qualified persons to fill those positions. This might be the situation unless the labour market finds a way to integrate products (foreign) of the Finnish education system.

In the last year, the Finnish government had to raise the retirement age from 65 to 68 in bit to sustain the reducing labour numbers(

Should foreign professoinals in Finland decide to move to their or other countries in search for professional careers for reasons that such opportunities might be absent in this country, what would be the plan of the state to address a problem with the full view of reducing labour numbers and even there are contingency plans in place should a such situation arises?

Senior lecturer Minna Porasmaa and bachelor graduate Anu Suomäki,of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, in their article, "Integration of Foreign Degree Students into the Finnish School System & Society" insinuates "the newly gained, up-to-date expertise of the students should also be available for the local and global companies after their graduation. The immigrants have also been seen as one solution to fix the coming lack of labor force of the Finnish labor markets. A large proportion of the current Finnish labor force will be retiring during the coming years (Ministry of the Interior 2006).

The foreign graduates would thus be needed in the Finnish markets and society
both to benefit the Finnish and international companies with their fresh ideas and
thinking but also to fill the coming gap in the labor force caused due to the massive,
near-future retirements (Ministry of the Interior 2006).

See related articles from the references below. They give projected statistical figures and analyses in connection to this topic.

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Research question: Is the Finnish labour market ready or prepared to open it's doors to foreign graduates from the country's schools?

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