Lifestraw – easy access to safe and clean drinking water!

By buying Bonaqua water you will donate safe and clean drinking water to Kenya! Portable water filter could be the solution to prevent common diarrheal diseases. It can provide safe and clean drinking water where ever one goes.

According to my other article I have written before, in developing countries people get acute diarrhea easily and sometimes it can even lead to deaths. Infectious disease cause non-attendance in schools and diarrhea related illnesses reduce also the working time among adults. As mentioned earlier, most of the diarrhea related diseases could be prevented by improving sanitation and hygiene. However, any improvements in sanitation do not help if the basic things such as access to safe and clean water are not secured.

Last weekend one certain advertisement caught my eye. There was a black little girl drinking dirty and brown water. It was one of those Bonaqua advertisements where they promise that when you buy one bottle of Bonaqua water, you will give 3 liters of drinking water to Africa. And how that is possible? According to that advertisement Bonaqua will donate Lifestraws to Kenya after their campaign is over. That advertisement also described how people in the rural areas in developing countries could get an access to safe and clean water. That was something that I had to study more.

From internet (please see the reference) I learned that Lifestraw is a portable water filter that effectively removes all bacteria and parasites responsible for causing common diarrheal diseases. The best part of this invention is that one Lifestraw can purify even 1000 liters of water and it does not require electrical power or spare parts and it can be carried around as it is so small sized!

It is a brilliant idea to help people in developing countries by donating
something like Lifestraw. More importantly, it is awesome that someone
has invented such equipment which can easily save thousands of lives!
I hope that this article will spread the knowledge and that way will help
those people in need.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Buying Bonaqua - Giving clean drinking water to Kenya!

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This is a solution to
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This article is an idea for existing challenge Sanitation and hygiene problems in Mwanza.

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(13 Sep 2011)
thank you genidea :)
(04 Jun 2011)
Great Article !
(24 May 2011)
Sorry, the reference webpage is in Finnish, but if you want to learn more about Lifestraw, please google it..