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Methods of designing for civil construction.

I am trying to find out which methods of designing are easier, faster and efficientier. To count how many time are spending on different tasks and which automatization procedures can reduce this time.

I am studing civil engineering and work in a design department in a building company.
We have to make a lot of drafts for building site. Off cause there are many computer programms to drafting and design. Computer give possibility to automatizate designing and drafting. So we don't redraw some parts by hands, but ussually just copy and paste. And even people edit more often then start draw something new on "white sheet".
I want to know which methods of designing are work better.
On the one hand sometimes(if the building is simple and standart) it is faster and easer don't create a whole prototype of future building in 3D model, but just use standart 2D stamples or parts, of previous projects.
On the other hand 3D modeling is more visual and it help you to understand difficult parts more clearly(for example if you design something absolutly new and difficult). At first it takes much more time to create real prototype. You need to think about all conections of different parts. But this way except a lot of mistake on the building site. And if you add changes, you need edit just one model instead of numerous of 2D drafts.
Modern computer programms let you organize designing process more efficiently.
For example you can create datebase with the most-used parts of drafts, shedules and specifications. It can be toolbar with your stamples.

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Your idea/solution in one sentence: Use automatization procedures, create your own stamples.

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