Internship opportunities for international students studying in Finland

International students studying in Finland often face difficulties in finding internship opportunities ‎that would support their professional growth and potentially offer them a permanent job in the ‎future.

Most universities of applied sciences have compulsory practical training periods in their curriculum. ‎Every student no matter what they are studying or what their country of origins is has to complete ‎their training period in order to graduate. However, practical training shouldn’t only be seen as ‎‎“something you have to do”. Practical training can offer so much more e.g. topic for a thesis, ‎professional and personal growth, new contacts or future employment. The actual work done in the ‎employing company should be the learning process, not the searching and applying part of the ‎practical training. ‎Although most companies these days are international or strive to be more international, ‎foreign students are less likely to find a company to do their internship in than their Finnish ‎counterparts. ‎

In addition, interns, especially international interns, should be an opportunity for the employing ‎companies. Many companies have need for project workers, research and fresh/international know-‎how. A successful intern also leaves a good impression of the intern’s country of origin and home ‎university and what they have to offer which in turn can be a gateway to future collaboration. ‎

The purpose of this article is to ask Massidea users to 1) identify the reasons why international ‎students have a hard time finding an interesting, professional growth supporting internship ‎opportunities 2) find solutions how these problems could be solved 3) identify the value ‎international students can produce to the employing organisation.

Research question: How can we increase international student’s possibilities in getting an interesting internship? ‎

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