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BioCosmetics - new industry

People start to care about their health and our influence on nature. For real or is that just a trend? Doesn't matter because it creates a niche for new businesses such as producing organic cosmetics.

Lately it has become extremely popular to be environmentally active, to act green and think globally act locally. Those and not only those slogans have overcome whole world and of course it provides new opportunities for business. Many innovations have been done concerning new "better" way of life, more ecological. And one of those is also organic or bio-cosmetics.

Bio-cosmetics is still quite new and unknown product but the industry is growing about 20% annually. It means that there is demand for those products and it is needed to be satisfied. From January 2009 after six years, the European standards group Cosmetics (COSMOS) released the New Standard approving the requirements for organic cosmetics for natural with long-term objective to contribute actively in establishing of sustainable development by stimulating changes both in the patterns of production and in consumption practices. Scored seven European standards organizations to maintain the natural balance of the planet and responsibility over a thousand companies certified in 38 countries with 11,000 products made primarily with natural and organic ingredients.

This shows that there are companies who are interested in this kind of business but it takes a lot of marketing and promotion to sell their products. There are many disadvantages comparing to regular cosmetic. More natural products have bigger costs so they can not compete with price, the expiry date is definitely shorter because of less chemicals and the effect that more natural cosmetic has of course depends on individuals but usually it takes longer time to achieve the desired result.

This industry is still developing and changing to find a stable place in the market. Still more and more people choose to use more natural products so there is space to grow just more effort must be out on the selling policy.

Research question: Is organic cosmetics industry able to compete in the market? What are their advantages?

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