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I have written a couple of articles regarding implementing a more sophisticated article rating system ‎on Funnily enough, I stumbled upon a very similar looking rating system on ‎ My idea is to take Wikipedia’s example and use it on as well. ‎

What is the insight

This article is a follow-up to the articles I’ve written in the past. The purpose is, as before, to ‎develop’s rating system from a simple thumbs up/thumbs down to a more ‎sophisticated, interactive and informative system. Without me even knowing a more established and ‎more well-known site is already using a very similar article feedback/assessment feature to my ‎original “C.A.R.S” suggestion.

Why the insight is important and valuable

Wikipedia states that it developed the article feedback feature to support one of their five priorities ‎defined in their strategic plan. These priorities are: “Focusing on Quality Content, Encouraging ‎Innovation, Increasing Participation, Steadily Growing Readership and Stabilising Infrastructure”. ‎All of which could be easily seen as potential goals for This type of article feedback ‎feature would increase participation, especially the quality of it and potentially improve the amount ‎of quality content since a more sophisticated rating system would surely encourage content ‎producers to focus more on the quality of their articles. It would allow users to give ‎and receive more defined feedback. is marketed as a pedagogic innovation, implementing this type of feature would bring the service closer to being one since it would allow teachers and other potential reviewers with a more defined assessment tool which would also be consistent with other reviews.

In addition to previously mentioned priorities, this type of feedback feature would also help to ‎develop’s Hall-of-Fame. Hall-of-Fame could use the statistics provided by the ‎feedback feature to showcase articles in categories that would correspond the variables in the ‎feedback feature. This way, the Hall-of-Fame would be more interactive and encouraging for users ‎to be featured in it. In addition the good quality articles would gain more visibility, hence providing ‎the often mentioned added value for the user. ‎

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Your idea/solution in one sentence: Develop Article Feedback Feature

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This is a solution to
User image’s current rating system could be replaced with a more ‎sophisticated rating system that caters for both peer and expert reviews. My idea is to apply web-‎based content evaluation method known as C.A.R.S. ‎

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(07 Jun 2011)
Nice Article. Using the stars from (one to five) could also be more visual. Or a youtube like a graph showing positive and negative ratings could be nice too.
(06 Jun 2011)
Kannatan todellakin ajatusta! Artikkelien arvostelu systeemin on muututtava, thumbs up/down ei kerro oikeastaan mitään artikkelien laadusta! Toivottavasti sivustojen kehittäjät ottavat tämän työn alle mahdollisimman pian!