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Improper web advertisements

Today, advertisement is one of the fundamental cores of a businesses success strategy. Not only companies spend billions of dollars every year behind offline advertisement, but now a day a large portion of the advertisement budget of the industries goes online.

As advertisement moves on-line, digital censorship is coming into action from government and advertisement publishers. It is hard to see an ad free site. Regardless of how hard the organizations are trying to censor the internet ads, there are some programming analytic such as displaying ads related to what an user have searched on-line or what websites an user visits creates a problem in the family computers where children are using internet.

It is very disturbing when your child visits a Barbie site and find an adult banner ad such as “adult cams” and “adult toys”. Even though before being a publisher a user choose keywords about what kind of ads should be shown on a site, recently the ads are shown in some sites based on earlier on-line usage or from the website cache.

Adult advertisement should be showed only on adult sites and it should be controlled by the publishers because our children are much more advanced then ever before. This improper web advertisement will not only affect the mental well being of our children in the society but will have so many follow up negative impacts as they grow up. Improper online advertisement should be monitored and must not be shown on general sites. A user must not ever be redirected to an adult from visiting a non adult site because of revenue generation and pop ups ads should always be related to the content of the site always and not based on the browsing history.

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Research question: What are the better ways to monitor Web-advertisements ?

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