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Eye-catching application

When applying for a job it is quite often done by copying the same introduction text and application letter for many companies. Although it's not the best way to look for a job sometimes it works.

The companies are very busy and depending on their size they receive tens or even hundreds of e-mails. So how to make your application eye-catching and different from other e-mails that they receive? In addition if the company doesn't need any employee now or there is no position available for a trainee how to gain companies interest in you?

First of all don't make it too long. Although the list of all the best qualities you have could be quite long in addition to make it look even better it takes some more words but at the same time it takes company`s time. So make it simple and moreover easy to understand.

But then what? What else could differ your application from other e-mails and make it interesting to your target company?

Research question: How to attract your potential employer with an eye-catching application?

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