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More Apartments to Helsinki is needed

A british newspaper, Monocle, chose Helsinki as the World's number 1 city to live in, but the growing number of Helsinkians means that more apartments are needed and fast.

Living in Helsinki is very very expensive and is absurd that some two-room flats outside the city limits are twice as cheap as the small studios within the city. What Helsinki desperately need is cheap studios for the single living majority, students and out of town workers.

According to specialists, the whole city planning process in Helsinki Area is too complicated and it's full of bureaucracy. First of all the planning process takes too long and after that handling the reclamations from different operators takes forever.

One of the biggest conflicts in this issue is the rivalry of tax payers between Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. Nobody wants the poorly paid loners to their town to pay taxes. This is the main reason to build big luxurious apartments so that only the ones with the money are warmly welcomed to the city.

Quit fooling around and open your eyes to the real problem. It ain't a competition, it's an issue that needs to be solved.

Research question: Why building reasonably priced studio apartments is so hard?

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