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Different perspective

Often, when someone has a different perspective to a subject or an object from our own way of viewing the same object or subject, we tend to think that the person is wrong. To put it in simpler terms, we often say "this is the way WE do it."

During work inductions, new empolyees are suppose to listen in the fashion as they are inducted and to follow standards in a particular organizations, hence; ethics, culture and so forth.

Organizations, however are constantly seeking out new ideas and ways of operating, expanding, etc, so the new employee, fresh from college, identifies a contemporary way of managing say, a particular operation. S/he quickly face up with blocks and barriers to using the new way of doing something because, that wouldn't fit in well with the convectional style of doing things in the organization. And it would not be long before s/he hears "we don't do it like that hear".

This also stretches to cultures of different people. The west sees the world in the western way, east, the eastern way, north and south, northern and southern ways respectively.When an easterner has move to the west, the person could not in most ways seem "proper" and "fitting" in the eyes of the westerns because the easterner has different views for the westerns.

Could we seperate different perspective from being wrong and see different perspective as another right of looking at the same subject or object?

Research question: Is there any asymmetrics between different perspective and being wrong?

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