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The ageing population of Finland

A large amount of the population of Republic of Finland is ageing and retiring nowadays, causing serious problems, but also generating huge possibilities.

A large amount of the population of Republic of Finland is ageing and retiring nowadays, a fact that can cause serious problems related with the Finnish general social security system and enabling facilities to pension, nurse and care of the ageing citizens, atleast in the same level as the current pensioners have.

Also huge possibilities are generated since senior citizens with money and time are a completely new customer group. Never before there has been such a group with the same consuming possibilities, therefore a lot of product deveplopment and customer analysis has to be done especially in the field of leisure and tourism. Nowadays the main target groups are young adults and families with children, senior customers are still left behind.

The large amount of pensioners is due to the generation born in 1940's after the second World War. The government has been lately trying to solve the problems that the ageing of the population can cause, especially two ideas have been discussed: the rise of pension age from 63 years to 65 years and the problem of students taking gap years and studying too long in institutions of higher education and not entering the working life fast enough.

A change in thoughts has to be done; we must not think senior citizens as problems or patients, but customers with a lot of potential.


Opportunity: More employment in the fields of health care, leisure and tourism due to large amount of senior customers

Threat: The collapse of Finnish general social security system due to large amount of retired citizens

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(08 Dec 2011)
Only a few countries like Australia and New Zealand have discovered the potential revenue that could be tapped if a country can plan a well friendly environment for their masses. The National Institute of Aging in the United States estimate that there will be one billion people worldwide who will be 65 years and above by 2030 which is a 140% increase of 500 million in 2006. (NIA 2009) This segment of the society will at some point have some form of disability and will require accessible services and facilities in other to cope in this condition. These disabled segments by virtue of human rights are entitled to enjoy social amenities like other people but because of the difficulties encountered when using these services find themselves segregated from the rest of the society which causes emotional trauma and depression that could result in suicidal acts or poor health conditions.

Read the result of my research conducted at Arabiaranta Helsinki about Accessible tourism in Finland on www
(16 Apr 2010)
In Germany there are pharmacies and natural product stores next to each bar and high-end hearing device and walking stick stores on main streets. Germany would be logical direction to look for business ideas, population there got older earlier.