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Linked together

The latest incident with bean sprouts that caused death of 29 persons, also the eruption of volcano in Iceland that paralyzed all air traffic just makes to think how linked together we all are especially in the Europe.

It is known that globalization has brought all the countries of the world much closer together. Everything is linked exports-imports of all kinds of products, energy , also infrastructure and the flow of information.

While everything runs smoothly it's definitely advantageous to be connected with the whole world. But then we have to take into account that we will have to experience and share the problems and misfortunes with other countries, and feel the consequences afterward. For example a storm in the Mexico bay increases the price of oil, the eruption of volcano in Iceland that paralyzed all air traffic in whole Europe, economical crack in USA brings European countries in a deep economic recession.

The question for future could be how to control and avoid problems that are not caused by ourselves. Creating an isolated society is impossible because that means being much much behind all the other developed countries.

Research question: How to effectively avoid threats coming from abroad?

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