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The dangers of epidemic outbreak of baby viruses.

Medical scientists are constantly looking for cures to existing diseases but the new born viruses every year threatens our health every year and most of all it makes us so worried that our daily life is disturbed.

Human error causes so many many disease that are epidemic like swine flue. Although every year so many new diseases are discovered and medicine is created. There is a question whether or not some viruses are created in the library for increasing the selling of medicine and profit in business. In this sceptical world, there is always roam for misunderstanding and conspiracy theories.

Diseases like HIV and cancer that does not really have a total cure are dangerous. Awareness programme and even good health care can not really stop them. Ever year more and more people are being diagnosed of HIV and the number is increasing day by day. Since the world is more connected to each other than ever before. People are travelling more frequently from one country to another country, its easier for a new born virus to expand its kingdom. We must find a perfect solution to stop the transport of diseases and find better ways to spot new viruses and stop them before they turn into epidemic.

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Research question: What are the better ways to spot a virus faster and halt it ?

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