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P2p Softwares and Illegal downloading.

File sharing is the act of giving access to your digital goods. Innovation has happened with p2p file sharing soft wares, people can share soft wares, games, pictures, movies and music to anyone who has an internet connection and a p2p software client installed on their pc. However, it raises a legal question.

There are lot of torrent websites where you can find torrent files of a software or game that costs hundreds of bucks if you are buying from a shop. Since the mobile petrol police is not checking every computer door to door, so many people do not bother to download musics, movies, softwares and games using file sharing softwares. Every year millions of pirate copies of musics and films are downloaded from the Internet using the P2p softwares. Despite the fact that sharing these digital goods online and downloading them is illegal and the accuser have the possibility to be fined and jailed, this illegal sharing of digital content is not stopping. Neither the p2p softwares are banned.

The torrent sites do not take the responsibility of the users sharing Illegal contents, netiher do the p2p softwares. Even though some video sharing sites like megavideo and youtube delete the content if there is a copyright infringement claim. However, no action is taking against the uploader.

Limeware, A p2p software uses Gnutella network for searching files. People have misconception of that they can legally download all files that they get in the search result. On Ares another p2p software that can search videos, musics, movies and any sort of files that a user is sharing from his PC. Although content sharing is a better way to pass information, its a problem when it comes to copyrighted contents and contents that requires license to use. What is the better way to handle this situation ?

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Research question: How legal is it sharing files with a p2p software ?

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