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Survival of the fittest in the mobile wold. A NOKIA story.

Recently market data shows that the mobile giant NOKIA which once played monopoly in the cell phone market has seen the lowest market share in 14 years. This challenge in the mobile world for Nokia is huge. How can they handle it ?

With more than 132000 man power and some of world's best research facilities NOKIA has been providing the cell phone need of the people in the world for decades. Because of its user friendly interface, Nokia has been a popular choice among all range of mobile phone users always. Nokia's global market share was 31 percent in 2010. Latest features on its smartphones such as OVI map has been so popular. Despite the fact that Maemo has been praised by many and showed a real potential future of mobile computing, Nokia has stopped the production of N900, the Maemo based phone and moving with the "old is gold" phenomenon Symbian. Although the Maemo project is now a part of the Meego project for internet tablets.

Nokia always have a hell of a job on their hands to satisfy its customers. However, since the arival of the Iphone from Apple which was sold millions of pieces, Nokia has seen loss in its global market share. The other great phone makers Samsung has also put great challenge before Nokia with its latest eye catching devices and Google's Android phone is also another issue. In the world of open and free market, innovation is always on rise. But as innovation sees its growth, copyright claims are filed and currently thousands of copyright infringement claims are filed by Nokia.

However the question is, How can the mobile phone giant keep up its credibility, come up with more user friendly devices and meet customer satisfaction. There is always a stress that something better must be out in the next generation phones.

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Research question: How can NOKIA handle the rising rivals in the mobile phone market ?

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(18 Jun 2011)
I do not know why automatically adds "&" in a writing. IT should be fixed by the development team. Thanks !