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Specialized shops vs Supermarkets

Today`s challenge for retail business is the battle between small specialized shops and huge supermarkets where we can buy everything.

The big supermarkets are already dictating the rules in the retail market, however there are still some small specialized shops that have their loyal customers. Every time when a big shopping center or a supermarket is built it takes all the customers from shops around it. This phenomena is more visible in smaller cities and towns where the market is not as big as in bigger cities.

How can the small shops maintain their position in the market? What is the situation in different parts of the world? And what is more beneficial from the customers point of view?

Research question: How can small specialized shops adapt to situation that we have nowadays?

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(20 Jun 2011)
For small shops it is very important to maintain good quality of service to keep their customers. It is always a pleasure to purchase in a specialized little shops when one gets appreciating contact with the worker and often good advice about the product. Also the social aspect is very important when shopping in little shops; small talk and a chat with the worker is usually very delightful. Contrary, when one does shopping in a supermarket it is hard to find a worker to help with the purchase; supermarkets are created for help-yourself -mentality with lower prices and insufficient service.

Most of the customers are ready to pay more for the quality of service.