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Flooding: A deadly natural disaster.

In the simplest term flooding is when the water level rises in an area. Among all the natural disasters flooding is one of the disastrous problems that can lead environmental, financial and human loses. Even in the 21st century, the cause of death of thousands of people is flooding. How can we prevent it?

In 1931, a deadly flooding in china wiped off the lives of about 4 million people. Probably, this is when the mankind saw how deadly flooding can be at its extreme. There has been so many other cases like this even in the developed country. The affected areas were a complete mess after the flood and the state suffered from economic, environmental and human loss. Flooding is a very common issue in the developing country. Although, global warming is related to flooding since too much rains and other environmental issues such as earthquakes can create flooding which are natural issues, there are lot of things that we could do to prevent flooding or to at the least save the people in the affected area.

Flooding continues to be a barrier in our social prosperity. Many people around the globe has a wrong impression about flooding that it only occurs in the developing country, but the fact is flooding is not only natural cause, it is also manmade and countries like United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Newzealand gets flooding that cause losses to property and life. What in your opinion could be done to handle this disaster? Could we at least stop the man made flooding?

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Research question: How can we prevent the deadly natural disastar, flooding ?

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