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Internet censorship

Internet censorship in some countries is more strict than in other. Where is the border when it's enough to maintain the liberty to get information but at the same time respecting the social norms.

Free and rapid flow of information is what internet provides us. However there are such countries as China, North-Korea, Belarus and more where not all kinds of information is available.

In my view some kind of censorship can be used also for economical purposes. For example in China Facebook is not available so their own substitute for it is much more popular among Chinese people all around the world. However Facebook would be the least important information that is under censorship there.

But how would the world be without any censorship at all? All the pages that promote pornography, terrorism, violence. If everybody could visit them would it have the effect that what is aloud is not interesting or would that have even more negative effect?

In the link below it is possible to see different type of censorship in different countries of the world.

Research question: Is internet censorship acceptable? How strict can it be?

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