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Obesity related social challenge

Perhaps obesity is the only disease that gets disgust, bullying and receives neglecting from the people. Obese people are not only suffering from health danger but the way society treats them puts their social life as well is mental health in danger.

The Effect of Age on Weight-Related Quality of Life in Overweight and Obese Individuals was researched in a study in 2009 where from about 9991 participants researchers have found obesity related problem among people. There was a gradual sexual life decline in both men and woman (above age 18 - 24.9). Obesity is without question a big health problem. Because of the food habits, lots of teenage populations are being obese and harassed in the classroom. Many teenage girls and boys are socially rejected from their pears and often feel boredom and stressed. When a person starts to have the obese problem, he or she starts to gain more weight because of being socially rejected and from spending idle time at home.

Just about a century ago, obese people were not treated like the way they are treated today. The media has created an anorexic image in our brains already, so the society thinks of those people to be fit and healthy whereas according the BMI calculation they fall in the underweight category. Obese people should not be treated in a different way and they should not be neglected. They should be given proper opportunity to show up their skills and be treated just like other normal people. We have to keep in mind that our bad behavior to them hurting their mind and affecting our society directly or indirectly. It’s always a challenge for obese people to stand up the modern society. How could we be more friendly and helpful to them? How can we make them feel that they are just like us and they are treated in good way?

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Research question: How can we prevent obesity related social problems ?

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