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Online teaching could change the traditional teaching method.

Learning online is very different than learning in the traditional classroom. In the class the student must be attentive and note down what the lecturer has to say becuase she has only once chance to pen down important things but in online video lecture student can watch multiple times for better understanding.

With the push of a button, information on any topic can be retrieved from the internet. Even though students join lectures and participate in class activities, they turn to internet for information for school projects and thesis works. The traditional lecture in a class is very hard to understand for some students since not all students can be attentive in the class and not all have the brain to catch things that fast. A student has only the chance to ask during the class and so many important things could easily be missed to take noted. However, in a online class it is very different. The class is entertaining and can be watched over and over again if it is a pre recorded video lecture. For making the online lecture more interactive, group meetings with Skype and live meetings can be done. Students can work collaboratively using Google tools where multiple students can edit a document at the same time. This not only eases the way we learn but makes the learning process faster and easier.

If all the school provided online lecture series alongside the traditional lectures, our learning process could be ever faster. This is a great opportunity to integrate school lectures into online video series. We do not necessarily eliminate the traditional lectures but to facilitate the learning, online video lessons could be useful.

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Your idea/solution in one sentence: Web classroom could facilitate students understand better.

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