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Indeed the development team of is doing a great job building this great social enginee of innovation. I have noticed some features that are lacking in this site that could be added for better useability.

Although the site is still in the development phase, there are some important things that could be added as soon as possible for making the site more useful. It is always a challenge for the development team to improve the functionality of the site constantly. However, here are some of the things that the site is lacking:

1. User password change

Password is really important in any website. Often the user want to change the password for various reasons. Although there are so many good user friendly features on such as avatar creating, the site is lacking this password changing feature.

2. Facebook auto login and sharing

Massidea is about innovation of ideas, its about smashing ideas together. Its a social network of ideas yet there is no Faceook auto login or share links.

3. Putting a clothe

It would be nice to see the site dressed up under a better looking skin for readability. Often it is boring to read the posts because of readability issues.

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Research question: when will more features be added on ?

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