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Technological advancement could help curb corruption

Lack of checks and checking systems in institutions, whether in public or private sectors sets ground for corruption and inefficient use of time and resources in those institutions

Corruption has been known to be one of the main impediments to proper and successful running of governmental institutions. When government or public and private offices (institutions) are steeped with corruption, those offices do not function properly and hence, adversely affect the overall productivity and competitiveness of a nation.

However, thanks to technology, there has been programmes which check reports and accounts of results. To name but a few, such programmes include; ERP systems, SAP and NOVA. Certain field standards, like International Accounting Reporting Standards (IARS), aslo do ensure that proper ethics are exhibited in accounting standards.

It is my believe that as technology advances, more and more checking programmes would be developed to help check all sphere of working practices so that corruption would reduced to the minimal possibility, if not totally erradicated.

There is always going to be some sort of malpractices in every human institution, but technology has the capacity to correct such malpractices.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Technology brings forth systematic checks which help to reduce corruption and malpracticies in institutions

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(30 Jun 2011)
It’s a great idea; In fact technology could make the world more transparent.