Added: 30.06.2011 23:03
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No linked visions. Using heading of the post as permalink could increase the search enginee ranking.

The current url system of could be changed to plain text url for better search engine optimization and better Google ranking. It is also easier for people find topics by Google search.

When a content is posted on massidea portal, the link to the post is generated in the form of id “”. Although there is nothing wrong with such permalinks but it would be better to use permalinks that uses the postname as the link or postname and date. Text permalink are better than “id or number”permalinks.

When Google robots are indexing the pages from, the text permalinks gives a clear view of the content and Google algorithm gives priority to the text permalinks when responding to an user search inquiry. This will expand's reach and increase global audience.

So, it would be better to use permalinks in the form of “” than the number format.

Your idea/solution in one sentence: Changing the current permalink of massidea topics to text permalink

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