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Influence of social media communication

Ideas surrounding social media communication channel, importance of social media in business information technology and the difference between facebook and twitter.

The realization of globalization would have been more difficult to achieve without the use of advent of interactive tools for basic communication, information sharing and idea generation. From a competitive point of view, it is important for individuals, organizations and companies alike to be kept abreast with evolving trends of various social platforms for effective communication and sustainability. These tools first came into effect as web 2.0 which has a less deviation from the standard form of websites that existed a long while ago using more rigid technologies which are less flexible for social interaction.

At this instance, the definition of social media with my usability thus far would mean: A platform to keep in touch with ideas, information, and competitiveness and a way to interact randomly across the web sphere. This looks like a very sophisticated definition but expresses my holistic view of the social media communication. Well, not taking away a more widely acceptable definition of social media according to Wikipedia, it reads: ‘The use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into effective dialogue’.

Social Media and Business Information Technology.

The definition by Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein acted as a major assertion that social platforms are based on Web2.0 technologies as I explained earlier. As a business information technology student, I have observed and learnt over the years that without social media and its affiliates, it becomes very difficult for companies to attain sustainability in this now and very competitive business environment. The usage of social media at spearheads week-in, week-out business activities. One of the ways business can keep in touch with their current and prospective customers alike is to put new products information and offers as advertising on social platforms like facebook, twitter and linkedln. Another ingenuity of the interactibility of the social media platforms is to use it to generate feedback based on customer satisfaction on existing and new product introduction. Unarguable, this is especially important for companies to know if they are on the right track or need to tweak something in their business operations such as design, marketing, distribution or services. My role as a BIT major with the social communication sphere is to design, analyze and test graphical user interfaces usability from developments to end user point of view.

Facebook and Twitter

To many people Facebook represents social media. But to experts in the field, they understand it goes beyond Facebook. But in reality, the popularity and profitability of Facebook has overshadowed the social media industry for a long time and these days even though it still the most popular things, are poised to change with the introduction and increasing popularity of twitter and Google +. Facebook utilities include wall, profile photos and wall photos, notes, event sharing, games, friend requests, chat and sound notifications. The facebook interface has changes a lot over the years and is really difficult to recollect what its first interface looks like. This is easily linked to intense investment in research and new technologies by the firm.

Twitter on the other hand uses short texts to share information amongst people. When texts are longer than they can accept by the website, it is converted into other affiliate link developed by developers for the social media platform where the full text can be seen. The same exists for the photo sharing on twitter. Twitter uses two information sharing technique amongst people. This can be done by following a tweep (a slang used for twitter users) and also been followed by the tweep. That way both tweeps can send personal messages and see messages sent on each other wall.

To sum it up, Twitter and Facebook are simply communication tools; both will continue to evolve and morph as users find new ways to extract value and either network may or may become a long term winner in the rapidly evolving social networking space. Steve Thornton stressed his view regards facebook and twitter and pointed that “ultimately, the fact remains to be seen whether either application has a profitable, scalable and sustainable business model or whether the exit strategy is simply to be acquired. But, will either Twitter or Facebook become the next Google or will they fade into the rear view mirror of technological and social evolution?”

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(25 Oct 2011)
Facebook, Twitter and other big social services are very important for social media, but what I think is nowadays underestimated are focused/local/temporary social interaction services, which are somewhere in the background - alone, they don't have big significance, but in their countless mass, they are functioning like a nurturing ground without which big services couldn't exist - so approach this underestimated segment could be big challege and even bigger advantage for those, who will manage to handle it.