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Detecting radon gas from indoor air

Like mentioned in linked challenge, radon gas is a common problem in buildings which are built in ridge areas. Radon increases the risk of lung cancer. In this article I discuss about detecting radon from indoor air.

Radon rich air from the soil gets to the apartment through the chinks in the foundations and through porous materials and can increase the risk of lung cancer. The greatest risk of radon exposure arises from new buildings in ridge areas. To decrease health risks building stage should be finished up carefully and radon surveys should be done after that.

Radon can be detected in indoor air only by using purpose-built metering devices. Radon surveys should be always done if the house is located in ridge area and former surveys has not been done.
In addition, radon content in houses where basement has been renovated should be metered especially if the house is located in high radon content area. To get most specific results, radon surveys will be worth to begin in November when the soil begins to be frozen and finish before the end of April. Metering devices should be in the basement at least two months. It is highly recommended to do the metering in two different floors and/or rooms.

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