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Define the boundaries of our UML analysis

When you said that we will learn to make UML diagrams and in this case create diagrams of the Massidea website, what does exactly this mean ? Because UML is a standard to design many different kind of diagrams...

We have already saw in course the activity diagrams and use-case diagrams.

I already know the class diagrams used to describe an hierarchy into a based object software. And the sequence diagrams used to describe an interaction between entities, like to describe a protocol between a client and a server

So my question is simple, what are the boundaries ?

Do we will have to design the bdd ?

And what about the heart of the website, I mean what technology will be used to develop it (Language ? CMS ?). I know that the step of designing can be dissociate with this point, But I think that it depends on how deeply we want to design the website.
But maybe I am misunderstanding about the step of designing and the step of developing...

Your idea/solution in one sentence: What kind of diagrams we will learn ? And how deeply our reflexion should be ?

Do you a have better idea? or

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(04 Oct 2011)
Firstly thanks for the answers ^^

I agreed with you guys, we probably don't need to know anything about the technology used, because we are not doing this in the right way (the web site is already done so we don't care about the developing step). Like you said we are in analysis phase ! My bad ^^

I was thinking like this:
Usually we design a web site or a software in the way to develop it, so more the design reflexion is evolved more the developing step will be easy. And if you are thinking like this, you'll see that you'll need to know more about the technologies...
(04 Oct 2011)
I totally agree with you,Lucas! I think maybe we need more practice about how to analyse object program functions and how to applicate tools proficiently,like those kinds of things,do more basic practise duirng basic stage.~-~
(02 Oct 2011)
I believe we are in analysis phase because we are studying about the system and trying to understand it. Therefore, currently, I don't think we need to know details about the technology which is used to develop it. In fact, I think we just investigate the current system, understand it, and if we have ideas to improve the system, we will then design the feature we need to improve. From my viewpoint, we don't have enough knowledge and skills to implement (develop) the system now X___X