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Tamk practical training period in Raisio

My practical training period was carried out as a process operator in Raisio plant of Ravinto Raisio/Benecol unit

I worked in Benecol unit as a process operator three months and during the practical training period I learned several things of a food and processing industry. Especially focusing to quality was very important, could say it was a priority. Because of the non-disclosure agreement I cannot write any details of the process or my work.

Benecol is a food product brand owned by Raisio Group. The effective substance is the plant stanol ester, which is made from plants. A first product was brought to the markets in 1995 in Finland. Raisio Group owns the patents of the plant stanol ester and it is one of a kind company in the whole world who has the rights to produce it. On the market is also a few competitors of Benecol, like Becel but it is made from plant sterol ester. Many people muddle up these two products although those are totally different.

Plant stanol esters have been approved to lower/reduce blood cholesterol by The European commission. Clinical studies have shown that LDL- cholesterol lowering effect of 7-10% can be achieved in two or three weeks by a daily intake of plant stanol esters equivalent of 1,5-2,4 grams. A bigger daily intake of plant stanol ester can increase the effect.

Since 1995 Raisio has brought out a wide variety of different kind of products for example yogurts, yogurt drinks, bread, oatmeal and soy drinks. The availability of different products varies in different countries. The most common products in Finland are Margarines, porridge, milk and soy drinks. Drinks and yogurts contain 2 grams of plant stanol ester of each bottle, which is recommended daily allowance.

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(13 Oct 2011)
Luitko harjoitteluun liittyvän artikkelin kirjoitus ohjeet? Ei ole tarkoitus kopioida yrityksen sivuilta lukuja tai kertoa tarkkaan mitä yrityksessä teki. Oli tarkoitus kirjoittaa harjoittelun POHJALTA haaste, idea tai tulevaisuuden visio. Olet julkaissut tämän "idea" kategoriassa. Mikä siis on artikkelisi pääpointti, mikä on se idea?