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Diagnostic kitchen

New technology in the kitchen appliances and emergence of small swallowable health sensors could ensure much more precise information on health and nutrition

Diagnostic kitchen would allow people to take a much more accurate and personally relevant look at what they eat. A person (or a nutrition doctor) would insert the information of the desirable personified diet to a computer. This computer would be fitted with a fridge, equipped with a scanner so that the fridge could monitor what foods are stored in it. The computer could also construct suggestions of different meals fitting to the person’s diet. The fridge could even make an electronic check list and send it to the person’s mobile phone if something relevant to the diet is out or outdated and therefore needed from the store.

This nutrition monitor in the fridge would be complemented with a swallowable nutrition sensor that would monitor how different nutrients are absorbed from the food the person just ate. The sensor would be made from digestible electronics so it would dissolve in the digestive system. By using this technology a person could determine exactly what and how much one eats and how much one should eat to match his digestive health and nutritional requirements.

The technology behind diagnostic kitchen is made possible by discoveries in rfid technology, printed electronics and diagnostic technologies. The technologies are expected to reach maturation on the 2020’s.

Opportunity: Easy to lead a healthy lifestyle, no food is wasted

Threat: People forget how to prepare food using real vegatebles, meat, etc.

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