Fully automated retail system

Imagine the future of automated retail stores where every activity is operated by machines and computers with the maximum of speed and convenience?

This system can be applied in many retail sectors and industries, such as fashion chains, food businesses or music stores.

Let's take fashion store as an example. When coming to the store, customers can select any model of wide categories and collections of clothes and accessories from the databases displayed on multi-touch and friendly user-interface on the walls or machines, which are operated and maintained by rear technical staffs.

After picking up preferable models and defining their sizes and other preferences, customers then move to individual trial rooms, where there are 3D screening systems stimulating them in their chosen outfits on the screens with nearly maximum accuracy. If satisfied, the customers then make payments for the products by bank cards, paper notes or coins; in a minute, they will pick up their clothes and bills from vending machines. If displeased with the products later on, within a certain amount of time, the customers can return them and get the refunds after the products are checked to be in original condition, all operated automatedly.

In case a customer cannot find her favorite sample in the databases, she still can personalize her preferences and book her customized model in the system for later pickup. Of course, she can also visualize herself with her favorite customized outfit on the 3D stimulated screening monitor before booking.

Overall, the same principles and systems can be flexibly applied in many other fields, such as in restaurants, where menus and payments are ordered directly on each customer's multi-touch table; and the dishes are transported to him on his table through underground connective mechanical chains.

The future of robotic and interactive multi-touch systems is coming!

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Opportunity: Maximum service speed and convenience; Reducing cost of labour; Increasing standard of living.

Threat: Raising unemployment; Large investment on the system; Less human contact may raise psychological problems.

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(22 Apr 2010)
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